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Are my digestive symptoms due to SIBO?

The main symptoms of SIBO are Bloating, Diarrhoea and or Constipation, Flatulence, abdominal pain and cramps and in some cases reflux, nausea and fatty stool. In fact research shows that SIBO is responsible for up to 84% of cases of IBS. SIBO is a complicated condition and is also known to be a factor in fatigue, prostatitis, acne roseacea, restless legs, joint pain, weight gain or weight loss, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia...

What should I eat when I’ve got SIBO?

This is a common question and there is no fixed answer. At the moment there are about 5 different SIBO diet choices that can be used to manage symptoms. FODMAP, SCD, SIBO Specific, Fast Track and the Bi-phasic The diets themselves are not a treatment for SIBO as diet alone cannot get rid of SIBO. That is, of course, except for the elemental diet which is a special liquid diet...