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What we do

Do you have digestive issues?
We can create an individual plan designed to address your own specific digestive concerns. By navigating thorough the complexities of your case we can help you to implement the most appropriate plan that could include testing, supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes.

IBS and SIBO clinics are a team of fully qualified Nutritional Therapists and functional medicine practitioners specialising in IBS and SIBO. We are based in the UK but offer Skype and telephone appointments and have clients all over the world.

Ibs and SIBO clinics specialise in finding and addressing the root cause of your digestive issues. We have over 25 years experience working with IBS and SIBO – along with many years experience in other digestive issues. We work within a functional medicine frame – meaning we work with individuals looking at their own unique health picture and not just symptoms …..We incorporate your medical history, family history, lifestyle, past and present diet choices plus genetic factors if appropriate to create a detailed timeline of triggering and or significant events that have led to health issues rather than only looking at symptoms.

We often combine our detailed history taking with functional medicine health tests done by accredited laboratories to help give clarity that helps us to shape your unique plan.

If you would like us to work with your therapist or gastroenterologist we are happy to do so. but if not and you are one of our patients we have a private GP that we work with should you need a private referral.

Other digestive conditions we also address are Candida, Parasites, Gerd, Intestinal permeability – leaky gut, SIFO – Small Intestine fungal overgrowth, LIFO – Large Intestine bacterial overgrowth, dysbiosis, low stomach acid – hypochlorhydria, Celiac disease, histamine intolerance, diverticulitis, Inflammatory bowel disease; Chron’s disease and ulcerative colitis, microscopic colitis.

We also keep up to date with recent research that shows links between the gut microbiome and health conditions such as food intolerance, chronic inflammation, depression, Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and skin issues to name a few.,-

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What they say

It was lovely meeting you today, it was like a breath of fresh air speaking to someone who understands my digestive issues and I found the session very helpful and informative.

AL 3.11.21

Thanks again for all your help with ****, he is so much improved in the GI aspects and in general too, your input (I think) made a big difference. He is growing up into a healthy and quite handsome young man, still a little difficult sometimes but that’s all, he is doing great a school and I’m hoping he will pass the eleven plus and get into a grammar school.

I wanted to thank you Olga for your patience and help in this journey. This have been incredibly tough for all concerned but we had absolute faith in you once we saw the fruits of the first 10 days. I am grateful for your professionalism and passion to help others beat SIBO and IBS. You are a credit to your profession and I just wish the NHS would step up and learn from amazing professionals such as you. Thank you Thank you Thank you

9 days in absolutely no symptoms, since taking grapefruit seed extract I've had no burping or bloating. My stomach feels amazing, going everyday if not twice to the toilet, and normal soft stools. Im actually so amazed how well I've done so far not even craved food or been tempted to eat. This could be a game changer for me for my gut healing

Thank you for the consultation today and thanks once again for the tremendous help that you’ve given me in my recovery from SIBO. As I mentioned, the treatment programme you have designed has already made a huge and lasting difference to my life. I’m enjoying the mental and physical health benefits of being able to eat fresh fruit and vegetables with confidence for the first time in many years, and my dramatically improved condition was recently verified by the big reduction in the SIBO indicators in my latest breath test. It is so reassuring to know that I am being advised by professionals who understand what they are doing, and really can help to alleviate a lifetime of suffering and pain. Particularly after having been told by my GP that my chronic digestive problems are just something that I would have to learn to live with. Please do use this feedback in any way that you feel is appropriate. By all means, quote me J Looking forward to seeing the details of the next steps, and finishing the job!

Thank you for looking after and helping me. Have a good weekend - JE 16.10.2020

Quick update: My tummy has come on miles! I'm starting to eat lots more foods with no problems and feeling a whole lot better in myself! It's been like this for almost a month! So thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for all your help!!!

Early last year I began suffering with acid reflux which developed into having a reaction after eating almost anything. It was a nightmare! After having a brief conversation with Olga regarding my symptoms she recommended a SIBO test to see if I had a bacterial overgrowth in my small intestine. The results came back showing high levels of SIBO and from there Olga advised a plan involving a daily intake of anti-microbial and anti-bacterial (All natural) for a number of weeks before a retest. All my appointments were via phone which was easy and convenient and Olga was really supportive through-out. I could not be more grateful for the improvement to the immediate condition, the education around gut health and diet, but also to my overall physical and mental health as a result. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone struggling with gut health or digestive issues. Thank you DS 2020

Having suffered for a number of years I was recommended to contact The Sibo clinic. On starting an 8 week course , which did go on longer, as my gut finally settled with the plan that was set for me. I can honestly say I have got my quality of life back, feel great and lost weight (bonus) I would recommend The Sibo clinic to anyone suffering, there is a solution to gut problems. Although having my consultations by phone and not face to face, I felt Olga Hamilton was always there to support throughout the programme.

A thankful Patient


We offer appointments in person in London and Brighton or via Skype or telephone and have clients all over the world so location isn’t a barrier to us helping you.

First appointments are usually an hour but can be longer if your case is very complex. We prefer to have a 90 minute session for a first appointment with a test result. This enables us to do a thorough job, we take a full history, explain your results and talk discuss your plan. Follow- ups are usually an hour to enable us to go over your case and questions in full however they can be shorter or longer depending on what you need.

The number of follow-ups you need really depends on your starting place, what needs to be addressed and how quickly you are able to implement your plan and changes, which we help you with of course.

You can book in via our online calendar or request a free 15 min chat to see if we can help you. Please do get in touch if you have any questions as we are happy to help.


More information about your initial appointment.

You are also able to email us with queries about your plan should you need to clarify anything.

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Who we are

a What to expect

During your appointment we use a questionnaire that you have filled in beforehand to help us to take your health history and to build your own unique health picture.

We think in terms of your health picture being like a jigsaw puzzle and it is our job to find out how many pieces are in your picture and the size and relevance of the pieces to you and your health. We then work out which areas to prioritise – this is based on our extensive knowledge and experience, any test results and of course your goals and preferences.

If you choose we can work closely with your medical professional  – Dr or gastroenterologist if necessary.

After your appointment, you will receive all of the information you need with clear instructions about what you need to do to carry out your carefully set out plan. Or if we have discussed the various options open to you for addressing an imbalance – for example where you need to decide what direction you would like to take re SIBO you will receive clear handouts that you can discuss with your GP or Gastroenterologist  to help you make an informed choice.

a Follow-Ups

Your follow-ups are dependant on your programme, needs and preferences and can be booked at any time you may feel you need support.

we often book a follow-up appointment at your consultation or when you have sent test samples back to the lab and we know when the results are due back.

At your follow-ups we assess and adapt your programme depending on your feedback and our knowledge and experience. The no. of follow-ups you require is entirely dependant on what we are dealing with and in some cases how quickly you are able to make changes and implement your plan. We aim to support you throughout your programme and help you along so if there is an area you are finding difficult to implement then we’d encourage you to book in so that we can find a suitable solution to help you. If however you are doing well and are happy to continue until your recommended date then that is also fine.